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And I shed yet again.

I shed this skin, these eyes, and this voice.

I say goodbye to yet another obsession that was close to my heart. This isn’t the first time. And this won’t be the last. But it has been one of the toughest to cope with.

Never again will I step back into that life. Never again will I see through those eyes and feel with that heart. Never again will I lament in song or sway to the same beat.

It’s all over.

And now I put that all in a box; never to be used again. I won’t step back into that same skin again, but I will remember it whenever I’m looking for inspiration, whenever I’m looking for encouragement, and whenever I’m looking for hope.

I am at a loss for words………..


Thank you to everyone at Hamlet at Elsie’s Bar.

Thank you for the laughs, the warmth, the love, the friendship, and the memories.

It was a pleasure.






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